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Nigeria’s power generation falls below 89k Mwh



NIGERIA generated 89.14kMWh of energy yesterday, representing 7.4 per cent decline compared to the 96.28kMWh generated the previous day and lowest daily energy generation in almost two weeks.

  Similarly, power supply also declined by the same margin to 87.77kMWh on Thursday, in contrast to 94.81kMWh distributed on Wednesday.

  According to Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Nigeria’s electricity generation has fallen further below the 105kMWh minimum requirement to record some level of power supply stability in the country despite various interventions in the sector.

  It will be recalled that highest frequency for the day was 50.84Hz while lowest frequency was 49.1Hz with 98.46 per cent of energy generated on Wednesday supplied to DisCos.

  Meanwhile, Nigeria’s labour has urged Federal Government to scrap and reverse the electricity privatisation exercise, noting that the challenges in the electricity sector persist despite the significant support funds into the sector.

  Experts say this matters because electricity is an essential need of many Nigerians and their businesses, especially given the surge in the price of diesel and recent fuel scarcity across the country while the cost of power in the country that has gone up is further exacerbated by constant disruption in electricity supply.

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