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Ukraine War: Africa faces hunger amid low wheat imports – UN



UNITED Nations (UN) has warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that left the world with low wheat imports may lead to a hunger crisis in Africa.

  Secretary-General of United Nations, António Guterres, gave the warning in a news conference to end his first official visit to Nigeria, yesterday.

  The warning is coming few days after a new report by Human Rights Watch finds that Russian invasion of Ukraine has worsened food insecurity, particularly for African countries that were already experiencing a hunger crisis.

  According to the report, the development grows from the fact that Russia and Ukraine are leading exporters of wheat and other grains, while countries such as Cameroon, Nigeria and Uganda are among the largest importers.

  Speaking on the development, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch Advocates, Lena Simet, called on exporting countries such as United States and Canada to open their markets without export restrictions in order to provide essential grains at an affordable price to humanitarian organisations.

  “With climate change and trade stalled by the coronavirus pandemic, there was more impetus for hunger crisis around the world, because all these changes within the availability of food has sent the food prices to new levels,” she said.

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