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2023: Ihiala indigenes bemoan underdevelopment amid quest for political offices 



AS THE political contest in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State approaches its apogee, indigenes of the council area have consistently continued to remonstrate about the level of underdevelopment in the area. 

  Some of the indigenes who earnestly expect a change in tandem with their yearnings and aspirations in 2023, told our correspondent that Ihiala, irrespective of being one of the oldest local government areas in the country, still lacked social amenities, as well as infrastructures that make life worth living. 

  A native of Osumoghu in Ihiala, who didn’t want the name in print, told our correspondent that no visible development has come to Ihiala for many long years. The source said the popular Nkwo-ogbe Market in the heart of Ihiala has been razed down by fire on two different occasions but no attention seemed to be accorded the market, thereby giving the impression that Ihiala has no representation at the national and state Assemblies. 

  The source also disclosed that Ihiala is suffering from incessant power outage, absence of healthcare facilities, ill-equipped markets, absence of portable water and coupled with the fact that peasants have to travel to Teaching Hospital Nnewi to access healthcare at excruciating cost.

  Although the source noted that Our Lady of Lordes Hospital, Odata, is at the centre of Ihiala Local Government, he stated that even as a mission hospital, the locals find it extremely difficult to access it due to exorbitant bills, adding that the lack of money to access such facilities have resulted in many untimely deaths in the area. 

  The source however, made case for the provision of health centres affordable to rural dwellers to prevent untimely deaths as they cannot afford fees charged by hospitals apparently beyond their reach, stressing that there was need for a more result-oriented representation as the next political dispensation sets in. 

  Also Mr. Paulinus Ugwumadu from Lilu, said Ihiala has not had a strong and effective representation at the Federal House of Representatives. He said Ihiala Local Government currently lacks electricity supply, lacks road infrastructure and health facilities, adding that there was need for those aspiring for green and red chambers to take cognisance of the most pressing needs of Ihiala. 

  On her part, Mrs. Angela Anaerobi, who hails from Okija, in Ihiala Local Government Area, told our correspondent that Ihiala has not got much of her expectations from her representatives at various levels of governance. Anaerobi said Ihiala is infested with dilapidated roads, non-functional community health centres with reference to the deplorable community health centre at UmuhuOkija. 

  She however stated that as 2023 approaches, there was need for the people to elect those who will remember the deplorable conditions of Ihiala Local Government Area, as well as listen to their complaints as they expect good roads, employment opportunities for youths and signature projects in each of the four zones of Ihiala Local Government Area. 

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