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Step out in style with elegant heels



HEEL is the raised part on the bottom, boot and so on that make back of the shoe higher.

  Some outfits are not complete without a nice pair of heels. Yet, heels are one of the most uncomfortable shoes ever made. That means, it is not you, but heels are really uncomfortable.

  At times, the problem starts from buying a pair of heels that is not your size or you cannot simply walk in.

  Here are some tips to make you walk comfortably in heels shoes.

  Choose a right pair

  When choosing the right pair of your heels shoe, choose the size which include the length, width, even the straps of your heel shoe are in order and must fit you perfectly.

  Learn to walk in heels

  As you practice on how to walk in heels shoe, note where you do well and areas you will make amend and gradually move on. As a beginner, you can walk around in the shoes, take short balanced steps and try to get a hang of it.

  Start with wedge

  As a learner, start with balanced heels shoe with good ankle support and thick straps. Start with wedge to make your foot secure, high and supported.

  Avoid wearing it again if it hurts

  Always go with heels that don’t  hurt  your legs and be comfortable with it. If it hurts and makes you uncomfortable, please stop wearing it.

  Practice on carpet not on hard floor

  Practice makes perfect. Walk on and practice on carpet which can give you more comfort  than walking in hard or slippery areas. Moreover, when you are walking, visualise yourself.Walk in a straight line like a runway model but if your goal is to look more graceful in a pair of heels, try placing each foot directly in front of the other when you take a step. tt will look more elegant.

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