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In Oyo, govt launches redefined C-of-O scheme



OYO State Government has launched a  new Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) scheme tagged, “C of O Redefined”,  which will commence in the state on June 1, 2022, bringing an end to the previous scheme launched in 2020 named “C of O redefined”.

  The new scheme, launched by the  state Commissioner for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Olayiwola Olusegun, in Ibadan on Tuesday, prescribes various fees for residential, industrial land-owners, residential, commercial, and agricultural landowners.

  According to Mr Olayiwola, getting C of O for a residential range between N150,000 and N220,000; residential/commercial cost N400,000; commercial landowners will have to pay between N250,000 and N550,000; while agricultural landowners between N200,000 and N750,000.

  He added that the new scheme was aimed at improving land administration and improve revenue generation in the state, maintaining that upon payment of prescribed fees, applicants will get their C of O within 60 days.

  He explained that in 2020, the state government through the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development launched the Oyo Home Owner’s Charter (OYHOC) scheme, which served as an opportunity for Prospective Home Owners to obtain their Certificate of Occupancy at an affordable price.

  The commissioner hinted that prospective applicants are expected to produce the following documents: Application Form at N10,000.00, Passport Photograph (1), original Land Agreement, registered Survey Plan verified by Surveyor General office(N5,000.00,) Certificate of Incorporation of the company (if Commercial), Photograph of the subject property (if developed).

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