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Bishop Okpaleke charges youths to work hard, believe in God



Bishop Okpaleke

By Kingsley Ugwu

THE newly appointed Cardinal of the Catholic Church and Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Ekwulobia, Peter Cardinal Ebele Okpaleke, has charged Nigeran youths not to give up hopes but roll their sleeves and get more prepared for work while trusting in God.

  Cardinal Okpaleke gave the charge while speaking to newsmen on Wednesday, at St Joseph’s Cathedra,l Ekwulobia, Anambra State.

  Reacting to the fate of Nigerian youths in a challenging time, the bishop said no Nigerian youth should embrace life from the prism of pessimism.

  “There is no reason to give up as a young person. You have every opportunity no matter the challenges. No youth will have sufficient reason to think that there is no need to hope in God. You must believe that God created you for a purpose.”

   The prelate admonished that God who created them cannot abandon them, noting that with optimism, the youth should embrace society and the grace of God will see them through.

   “He is always there to guide and direct  you. First of all, believe in God and work hard. When you work, you allow the grace of God to touch you and the Holy Spirit will direct you, ” the Cardinal stated.

  He charged the Nigerian youth not to see any challenge as obstacle. ” What some people see as obstacles, others may see as stepping stones. That makes the difference. So, the youths in Nigeria irrespective of the challenges must not give up,” he admonished.

  Peter Cardinal Okpaleke disagreed that past leaders and formators should be blamed for Nigeria’s current woes.

  “Yes! Leadership failure is apparent in Nigeria’s polity. When we talk of leadership failure, we look at the politicians. I am one of those who think in the contrary. I am convinced that the failure of leadership here spreads across all strata of our society, beginning first in the family, up to the church and finally, the politicians.”

   He emphasised that leaders, including those from the church, have not done enough and not the politicians alone.

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